Each year Rise Magazine puts out a special basketball issue called Hardwood. Editor Tatiana Zic hired me to shoot portraits of 15 different players for the issue. In order to get all of the players she requested, I went to the Nike Peach Jam in South Carolina and went bananas! There was very little room to work with at the venue since all the courts/locker rooms were being used. The only space available was a racquetball court, which work out great! The floor even looked like a basketball court, so I opted to run my backdrop to the floor instead of a full sweep. It worked out nicely and created a different look than I had done before... I then scrambled around like crazy (with the help of my assistant Jen) getting guys to the set in between their games. It was a little nutty but these are a few of my favorites!
You can click on the images to view them larger.
Equipment: Canon Mark IIN, Black backdrop, 4 Dynalite heads total: 2 edge lights with 30 degree grids, a Mola 22" beauty dish with a 50 degree grid for the key light and 1 medium softbox for fill.

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