Soccer in the City

I recently had a shoot for Rise Magazine with several of the star players of the Martin Luther King High School boys soccer team. This team has won 10 New York City championships in 12 years!! A pretty amazing feat! The kicker is, the school is smack in the middle of Manhattan and has NO field! They practice and play their games at various parks around Manhattan.
My first thought was to try and do the shoot at one of the parks, but if you have any experience shooting in NYC you know it's a real hassle getting a permit to shoot in a public park, so I went to the school and scouted for any interesting locations around the school.... Well my scout took about 10 seconds. As soon as I saw the view outside of the school, I knew we had to shoot it there! The school was surrounded by skyscrapers, plus I really thought it would drive home the fact that this team had no field of their own.
Equipment: Canon Mark III, 16-35mm lens, F/16, 1/200 a sec, 3 Dynalite strobe heads, 2 with grids, 1 with a Mola 22" beauty dish.

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