Slam Double Cover!!!!

The minute this joint hit the stands I felt like a proud parent of twins! Having a double cover for Slam Magazine is amazing! Ben & Melissa did it up right! The shoot actually went down months ago and I've had to contain my excitement for all this time!
I flew to Barcelona in December for the lone opportunity when Ricky Rubio and Brandon Jennings would be in the same city at the same time.
I rented a studio in Barcelona, had two great local assistants. The shoot was very relaxed and quite trouble free. Ricky showed up first to the studio with his parents. What a good looking guy! and very polite! His parents were wonderful! About an hour later, Brandon arrived. IT was the first time the two players had officially met...You could tell there was a mutual respect for each other. When they got on set together it was like I was photographing Allen Iverson & Steve Nash together! It just felt like a historic moment! Two phenomenal players with their whole lives ahead of them! This was a once in a lifetime kind of photoshoot!
Here is some behind the scenes footage from the shoot!

As if that wasn't enough... Slam called me a week later and said they wanted to do a double cover... this time they sent me to Florida to catch John Wall & Lance Stephenson together. The two are the top high school players this year and both are just a year away from the NBA Draft! It was an overdose of basketball! Two amazing shoots in a week!

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